I'm new... what can I expect? 

Park Church is a family-friendly, intergenerational congregation where people of all ages and walks of life are welcome. 


Our worship incorporates many traditions you may be familiar with if you've grown up in church, including prayers, communion, and familiar hymns. But we've mixed in elements that are modern and fresh. Our worship is relaxed and family-friendly. Our Pastor's messages are relevant, inspiring, and engaging. 


What about kids? 

Our worship is intergenerational. Young children and adults worship and lead next to each other. We believe kids are an essential part of our faith community. We encourage families to worship as is most comfortable and meaningful for their family - knowing this changes as our kids grow and develop. The way a family with an infant or toddler experiences worship is not the same as a couple who are empty nesters. But, we do it together. 


The sounds and wiggles of children are ALWAYS welcome in worship. Should parents desire a little more room to listen to the sermon while giving energetic kiddos space to play, we offer a staffed nursery, which includes a changing station. Additionally, we have kids' busy bags & bulletins, a rocking chair, and plenty of room to stand in the worship space itself. 


What should I wear?

Come however you are most comfortable and confident! Most folks at Park dress casually, but you'll see everything from sports jerseys & jeans, to dresses, and even a few suits. 


Is Park's building accessible?

Yes! There are zero steps to enter our building or worship space. Accessible, gender-neutral bathrooms are available, and one is stocked with a diaper station, too. We also have an elevator for those needing assistance to the basement. 


What do you believe and practice about communion?

Park Church practices an open table. We recognize that the communion table is not ours, it is God's. So any persons who desire to receive God's grace are welcome. No matter what. Whether you are 0 or 101, you are welcome at the table. Whether you've never been to church or practically live here, this meal is for you. Generally, we share communion on the first Sunday of the month. Gluten-free options are always available, too. 

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