Family Sunday School

Sunday lessons for all ages -- You are never too old, nor too young to learn!

It takes a village to raise children, right? Especially during these uncertain times. Park Church is our village. Let’s do this together. If there is any way the church can better support you during this time - please reach out! We are open to creative ideas! 


After conversations with many families, we heard varying faith formation needs. As such, we’re offering a buffet of options and are hopeful that something will meet the needs of your family. Do one thing, or do them all - our goal is to help you and your family grow in faith and connect with each other. You can find everything on our Kid’s page on the website.


None of us can do it all, but we hope to offer resources for various ages, interests, and abilities! There’s no guilt here, God sees the hard work and deep love you’re offering every day. We see you too. 


From one part of your village to another… 

Pastor Bethany & Pastor Luke



You’ll find all of these on our website, but a quick summary of what you can expect: 

Littles -- Ages 0-5 


Middles -- Elementary grades K-3 & PreTeen grades 4-5     

Sunday at Home from ParentCue --  Select the age group that works best for your family! Premieres Sundays @ 8

God Time Daily Devotion

Monthly Memory Verse    

Parent Cues: Keep your family connected from morning to car time, to meals and bedtime. 

Park Rewards: Keep track of how you participate and earn rewards every month!


Youth -- Grades 6-12

Faith Lens is a weekly Bible study to engage youth & families in connecting world events with the Bible, faith, and everyday life. This resource is provided by our full communion partner, the ELCA. 


Parents: you are important too! Please download the Church Center App and join a Kids' Ministry group just for parents Stay connected with us!

God Time

Daily devotions for kids to deepen their faith and understanding of the Family Sunday School themes.

Parent Cues

Weekly prompts for parents to engage their kids in discussions about what they are learning in Family Sunday School.

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