Building Fund Projects

Dreams for the future of our church building and parsonage

​Work has been completed on the new roof covering the education wing! The water-stained walls have been repainted and refreshed. There is still more work to be done to repair carpeting, and ceiling tiles damaged from water seeping in. Donations are still needed to complete this project!

  • Why did we need a new roof?  While we had been patching and repairing the leaks as they came, the roof had reached its expiration date. The rubber membrane that covers the roof no longer had the integrity it once had. The leaks damaged the carpeting in the education wing to the point that it has stretched, rolled up, and become a tripping hazard. Moisture seeping under the membrane and flashing made it into the walls causing windows to crack and fog over. The costs of repairing the roof were adding up and were no longer working to get us by.
  • Have other building improvements been considered?  Your church council is committed to being frugal and wise with the resources you entrust to us. Like any of our homes, our dreams and wish lists are long - but our “must-haves” are much shorter. If this campaign would raise funds beyond what is needed for projects directly related to the roof, we could look to other improvements.
  • Can I give a recurring gift?  Yes! You can give to the building fund as either a one-time or recurring gift. We do ask that these be gifts in addition to your regular yearly giving, so as to not impact our general fund and yearly budget. 

There are many more projects waiting in the wings for the funds to forge ahead, namely re-siding the parsonage. Check out some pictures below of completed, in-progress, and to-do projects!

Our reasons "Why"

Some pictures of the in-progress & completed work!

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